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About the Market Information Package

Austrade's Market Information Package (MIP) provides valuable and timely market intelligence, analysis, opportunities and data to support Australia’s international education and training sector.

MIP products and services are provided by Austrade’s extensive network in Australia and overseas. Information includes:



Accurate, timely and actionable business intelligence and market insights


Opportunities to connect with international customers sourced by in-market Austrade staff

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Over 15 years of international student data, including tools to model, analyse and compare markets


Objective data and economic indicators depicting growth potential, scale of opportunity and ease of access to a market


Eligibility and fees

Eligibility for the MIP is limited to Australian organisations with a demonstrated commitment to the best interests of the Australian education sector. Access for eligible organisations to MIP content is through an annual paid subscription in accordance with government cost recovery principles.

View the fee schedule for information on MIP eligibility and fees. Austrade will determine the organisation type that your organisation is eligible after you apply.

A subscribed organisation may provide MIP access to any number of its individual staff members at no additional cost.

How to apply

  1. Read about MIP eligibility and fees to determine if your organisation is eligible
  2. Apply for the MIP at the link below
  3. Austrade will send you payment details for the appropriate subscription category for your organisation
  4. Once payment has been made, you will have MIP access. If you pay by credit card you will have access within 10 minutes.

If your organisation already has an existing subscription, apply for the MIP at the link below and your organisation’s MIP Account Manager will action your member access request.

Terms and conditions of access

All subscribed organisations and individuals accessing the Market Information Package agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

Enquiries about the Market Information Package should be directed to

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